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Updated: July 12, 2016
The Drill and Blast (D&B) Engineer is responsible for designing all drilling and blasting patterns in a safe and environmentally responsible manner including meeting production objectives, tracking costs, and assisting with the budgeting process. The D&B Engineer will support and assist short and mid-range mine planning as required. The D&B Engineer will provide technical guidance and support for the Drillers and Blasting Contractor. The position also serves as the Project Manager for the Blasting Contractor.


1. Previous Work Experience Required
• A minimum of 5 years open pit mine experience.
• Previous drilling or blasting design experience preferred.
• Previous mine operations, drilling operations, blasting operations, or short range planning preferred.
2. Education Required
• Minimum bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering, Explosives Engineering or related fields (geology, civil engineering) with a strong emphasis in drilling and blasting.
3. Special Skills and/or Knowledge Required
• Excellent analytical, management, organization, communication and problem solving skills.
• Willingness to perform multiple and variable responsibilities is required.
• The successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to work safely and in a team environment and communicate well with others.
• Ability to train and mentor others in drilling and blasting design
• Ability to use AutoCAD and MineSight planning software • Ability to use Shotplus-I or Shotplus 5, White Seismograph Data Analysis V9+, or equivalent software • Ability to operate seismographs
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Promote, and develop as necessary, safe behaviors, work practices and work environments.
• Ensure compliance with regulatory agencies including BATFE and MSHA.
• Produce daily shot schedule, pattern configuration, blasthole loading design, timing sequence, and equiptment and personnel clearing radius.
• Coordination of D&B activities with Mine Engineers, Shift Supervisors, Mine Operations Superintendent, and Mine Operations Manager.
• Work closely with the Short Range Planners and Mine Operations Superintendent regarding shot design and sequencing to support the mine plan.
• Identify and implement opportunities to improve efficiency of drilling and blasting practices.
• Work with the Mine Geology and Ore Control Departments to ensure that blasthole samples are representative and of sufficient size.
• Strong assistance in the development of annual drilling an blasting budgets.
• Serve as the Project Manager for the blasting contractor, including communication of RNMC policies, accruals and safety audits.
• Early morning lineout with Blasting Contractor. Ability to make changes in response to unplanned events.

Compensation & Benefits

Depending upon Experience